About Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Make your cartridge pens even more distinctive with custom laser marking. Create a keepsake by adding the owner's name, commemorating an event ("My First Buck"), or honoring a branch of military service.

This process uses a laser engraving machine and a special etching solution that leaves crisp, dark black text on the brass case. The mark is normally quite durable but can be damaged by ammonia. Since ammonia is a primary ingredient of some brass polishes, I recommend powdercoating over the laser-mark.

For an additional fee, I will laser-mark the text of your choice on a rifle case. Just specify the text and the desired font (I can do most common PC fonts) when ordering. The amount of text that fits depends on the font, but generally 30-06 cases can accomodate about 20 characters. 308 cases can accomodate about 15.

Please allow a couple extra days to schedule the engraving.

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