308 Winchester Kit with Brass Shellcase

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This kit begins with real, brand new 308 Winchester caliber rifle cartridge components. A .308 caliber copper-jacketed bullet has been drilled out to accept a cross-style refill. A brass case is drilled and fitted with a soldered-in 7mm brass tube. The components are assembled to the dimensions of real, live ammunition. The completed cartridge has been powder-coated in gloss clear for maximum durability and protection from tarnish. A 7mm twist transmission is installed.

The kit also includes a cross-style refill, a 7mm brass tube for the pen upper barrel, clip, and finial. All you need to do is turn the upper barrel from the blank of your choice, and assemble it.

The slimline finial is smaller in diameter and has a flat end. The euro finial is larger in diameter had has a rounded end. It yields an upper barrel that is less tapered than the slimline version. /p>

Note that the tube extends slightly from the head of the cartridge. This is necessary to provide support for the transmission. In order for the upper pen barrel to cover this tube, you'll need to recess the tube in the upper blank by a corresponding amount.

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