300 WinMag Cartridge for Cigar Pen Kit

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This kit consists of a 300 WinMag rifle cartridge for those who prefer a "magnum" cartridge pen. Use it with your own Cigar pen kit . The case is drilled to take a standard cigar pen tube. The bullet is drilled out to accept a parker-style refill, seated at the appropriate depth, and the entire cartridge is powder coated in gloss clear.

A minor modification to the Cigar Pen kit is required, so these cartridges may not be suitable for a beginner. The modification is well within the ability of a typical penturner, and does not require any special tooling. Pair the cartridge with the upper barrel of your choice. Complete instructions are included.

I also offer these cartridges in 338 Winchester Magnum caliber. 300 WinMag has a smaller diameter bullet and is slightly longer than 338 WinMag. Most people use 300 WinMag.

300 WinMag Instructions

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