5.56mm NATO caliber pen kit

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5.56 NATO (commercially known as 223 Remington) is the modern infantryman's staple caliber. It is used in the M16 rifle. This is a shorter, slimmer cartridge than the 30-06, and makes a slender pen.

This kit combines a brand-new, unfired Lake City (the U.S. arsenal) shellcase with a mil-spec bullet, replicating the M193 cartridge. The bullet is drilled out to accept a standard mini-refill and the case is fitted with a soldered-in brass tube and a single-twist transmission is installed. The cartridge is finished with gloss clear powder-coat for maximum durability and protection from tarnish.

Also included are a mini-refill with black ink, a refill adapter for the transmission, a long tube (longer than the standard slimline tube to give the pen proper esthetic balance), a 24k gold plated fancy clip, and a matching finial.

All you need to do is turn an upper barrel using the material of your choice and press the clip and finial on. No kit modifications are required.

A bushing, made from a 5.56 NATO case head is available separately.

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