7.62mm NATO Pen Kit

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Pen kits made with U.S. manufactured unfired brass and mil-spec bullets in 7.62 NATO (commercially known as 308 Winchester) caliber. The kit features authentic Lake City brass case made for the U.S. military. It is paired with a 150g FMJ bullet to replicate M80 "Ball" ammunition. The case and bullet have been drilled out to accept a 7mm transmission and Cross-style refill. The cartrige has been assembled, polished, and powder-coated for maximum durability. The kit includes a finished cartridge with transmission installed, refill, upper barrel tube, fancy clip, and slimline finial. A "euro" style kit is also available. It is the same except it includes a euro clip and finial.

Note, the dimensions of the 7.62 NATO cartridge are such that the transmission is not seated as deeply as on a regular slimline pen. You will need to recess the tube on the upper barrel accordingly, or modify the kit (such as by adding a custom centerband) in some way to accomodate the transmission.

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