50 BMG Pen Kit

The big one! This kit consists of a once-fired genuine U.S. Military 50 BMG brass case and a mil-spec bullet. Pair it with your own cigar pen kit to complete this eye-catching pen.

The case has been full-length resized, returning it to original factory dimensions, and the neck expanded to slip over the bullet. It is bored to accomodate the cigar pen mechanism. The bullet is step drilled to mate a cigar pen tube and accept a Parker-style refill. Both components are polished and powder-coated for maximum durability and tarnish resistance. Note that the case has been fired, so expect it to have minor dings, scratches, extractor marks, or other signs of use.

Small modifications (well within the skills of the typical penturner) to the cigar kit parts are required. Complete instructions are included.

50 BMG Pen Instructions

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